For design experts who experience bottlenecks in CAD / BIM environment

Tested up to 33% faster, software and hardware optimized.

  • Custom built workstations/ laptops for optimized production
  • For design environments that experience bottlenecks in CAD/BIM productivity

CAD / BIM models store and handle a significant amount of data. When working with this data it is important to make sure that the system meets the requirements needed by the applications for a good performance. CAD / BIM applications are very processor and memory intensive.

A hardware + software optimized workstation computer is required to open larger models. Ideally, Faster computer is required to model and manipulate them. Eliminate design / Productivity lags - HOT Systems are specifically optimized for demanding AEC workflows and is backed with a 3-year warranty.

Custom built for 24/7 performance for designers, modellers, detailers, and architectural / engineering workflows to accelerate productivity of 2D and 3D applications.

Hot Work Station CAD / BIM environment

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